Nokia Phi Rumors: Massive Display, Thin Design, Windows Phone 8
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Nokia Phi Rumors: Massive Display, Thin Design, Windows Phone 8



The Nokia Phi, rumored to be one of Nokia’s Lumia devices running Windows Phone 8, has seemingly emerged from the shadows once again today.

According to MyNokiaBlog, Eldur Murtazin talked to a site called Obozrevatel which claims to have knowledge of the Nokia Phi. Apparently, the device is indeed going to be rocking a massive 4.7-inch display. Originally, we had heard it might have a 4.65-inch display but it appears that it could be a bit larger.

The resolution of the display remains unclear though Windows Phone 8 will support 720p resolution so the Nokia Phi could very well have an HD display.

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The Nokia Phi could debut on September 5th.

Murtazin also claims that the device will have NFC support for mobile payment solutions, a design that is similar to the Lumia 900/800 but thinner, a larger battery that supplies one day of usage, and it will apparently have support for 4G LTE high-speed data.

Those, of course, come in addition to Windows Phone 8, the new software from Microsoft that will replace Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

The Nokia Phi, which is likely the devices codename, will probably be outfitted with Lumia branding once it officially arrives. Thus far, no official name has popped up.

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Microsoft and Nokia was scheduled to host a joint event on September 5th where the companies will likely show off new Lumia Windows Phone 8 hardware.

It’s unclear if the Nokia Phi will be apart of that show or if it will come later in the month at Nokia World.

Murtazin also did not confirm the device’s release date and thus far, all we’ve heard is that the Nokia Phil will start shipping at some point in October.

Earlier today we heard that Verizon will be getting a Lumia Windows Phone 8 smartphone and it’s possible that the Nokia Phi will be it.

Hopefully, the September 5th event proves fruitful.

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