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Nokia Only Sells 600,000 Phones in U.S.



After another quarter of shipping Windows Phones in the U.S. Nokia’s future still isn’t looking very good.

In its Q2 2012 earnings report Nokia revealed that Lumia sales in the U.S. aren’t exactly taking off. Despite the ads Nokia, Microsoft, and AT&T put out for the Lumia 900, the company only managed to ship 600,000 phones in the U.S. during the quarter. That number includes smartphones and feature phones.

We don’t know exactly how many Lumia phones the company sold in the U.S., but the analyst estimate of just over 300,000 units likely isn’t too far off the mark.

Abroad, however, the Lumia brand is performing relatively well. The company shipped a total of 4 million Lumia smartphone worldwide. That’s double the 2 million Lumias sold in the previous quarter.

Nokia posted a $1 billion operating loss for the quarter, though it was offset by some licensing fees and the company’s quarterly check from Microsoft. As a result, Nokia had a net cash rise of about $125 million. That’s better than losing $1 billion, but could still be a lot better.

Despite selling one million more phones this quarter than last quarter, Nokia’s smartphone sales have dropped. Sales of Nokia smartphones which include Windows Phone, Symbian, and MeeGo devices dropped from 16.7 million to just 10.2 million this quarter. That’s definitely not a good trend, and it threatens to continue as Nokia slows production on Lumia phones while Windows Phone 7 runs it course.

The next quarter for Nokia will likely be touch as well as it gets ready to ship Windows Phone 8 devices later this year. With the more modern specs of WP8, it might stand a better chance in the market, but Nokia needs to try hard to get the word out. We’re excited to see what Nokia comes up with for Windows Phone 8, but the company needs to get a lot more excitement and interest than it got with the Lumia 900 for the Windows Phone plan to work.

If not, there’s always that mysterious contingency plan.



  1. Roger J

    07/19/2012 at 10:20 am

    I don’t know why you lot don’t segment the site into:
    GottabemobileforallthingsApple and GottabemobilefortheRest.

    God, but you’re biased.

  2. Bryan

    07/24/2012 at 2:33 pm

    It’s funny how a few months ago there were articles about how Lumia was doing badly everywhere but the US. Now the articles are saying the Lumia is doing fairly well everywhere but the US.

    Well anyway it looks like it will be all up to Windows Phone 8. I really hope that MS+Nokia were smart enough to have a plan to have some WP8-ready phones shipping long before Windows Phone 8 itself ships in October…

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