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Nokia Pushes Round of Bug Fixes to Lumia 900 Users



Nokia is now pushing out a series of updates that will address many of the issues users are experiencing with the Lumia 900.

The updates, which consist of at least four separate updates according to WPCentral, will finally address issues that had begun to erode Nokia’s credibility with early adopters of the company’s Windows Phones in the United States.

Users had reported that Live Tiles had stopped updating on the Lumia 900 altogether. In Windows Phone, Live Tiles are one of only a few convenient methods users are able to receive notifications like new text messages and breaking news. Without them users would only able to tell if they might have received a new Twitter direct message by using the device’s lock screen, navigating to the application or waiting hoping that they didn’t miss the small toast notification that pops up on their screen for 15 seconds or so.

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Nokia Lumia 900 Not Hitting UK Until May 14th

The Lumia 900 is getting a series of updates that should greatly improve the device.

This update will also allow Lumia 900 users to install updated versions of Nokia’s exclusive applications like Drive+, Music, City Lens and more. On Windows Phone, exclusive applications are one of the few ways manufacturers are allowed to differentiate their devices from the Windows Phones of others. In Nokia’s case the problem was compounded by the fact that Nokia’s exclusive applications are considered by many to be essential to their Windows Phone experience.

While Nokia Care also notes that this update will add new colors choices for Live Tiles and the ability to use the Bing to update the device’s lock screen photo, these features were already made available in a previous update. Nokia Care’s website doesn’t effectively differentiate between features and fixes that are a result of software updates and those that are a part of the update to the Windows Phone operating system as a whole.

While numbers recently released by AdDuplex, indicate that the Nokia Lumia 900 only accounts for 4.2 percent of all Windows Phones being used, these updates are still a big deal. The device was the first subsidized Windows Phone from Nokia to be made available in the United States and was purchased by many of users who bet on Microsoft and Nokia’s partnership early on.

By comparison, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, which was released this year, only accounts for 4.8 percent of all Windows Phone in use.

Users will be prompted to install the update automatically by their device, though they will have to connect their device to the Zune PC Software to perform the update itself.

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1 Comment

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