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Nokia Rains on New HTC One Announcement with Its Own Briefing Invite



Nokia, the leading maker of Windows Phones, won’t wait long after Microsoft reveals its Windows Phone 8.1 operating system to introduce new devices that include it. In fact, an invitation sent to out today indicates that Nokia will only wait a few hours before unveiling its latest handsets.

Nokia began sending out invitations for the event to members of the press just before HTC took to a stage in New York City for the unveiling of the new HTC One. Thankfully, Nokia wasn’t seeking to rain the new HTC One’s parade by teasing more announcements concerning the fast-selling Nokia X Android-powered smartphones that it unveiled earlier this year. Instead, the event on April 2nd at 5:00 PM in San Francisco is all about Microsoft’s Windows Phone, judging by the #moreLumia hashtag the company used on the invitation itself.

More-Invite (3)

Exactly what Windows Phones Nokia is planning to reveal is unknown at the moment. Recent leaks indicate that the company does have plans to release the Lumia 630, a low-end Windows Phone that’s definitely running Windows Phone 8.1 if the leaked photos of the handset are accurate. That device will come in five different colors and replace the hardware buttons that are typically found on Windows Phones with on-screen buttons integrated into the device’s display.

A leaked photo of the Lumia 630 posted by EvLeaks.

A leaked photo of the Lumia 630 posted by EvLeaks.

A second round of rumors this past week indicated that Nokia could reveal the Lumia 930, a follow-up to the Lumia 920 flagship that the company revealed when Windows Phone 8 launched back in 2012. So far, almost nothing is known about the Lumia 930. It’s numbering suggests that it’ll be a high-end Lumia with the quad-core processor of the Lumia 1520 phablet, however it’ll have a much smaller screen-size, probably around 5-inches.

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WPCentral has said that its sources have described the Lumia 930 as a more broadly available version of the Lumia Icon that Nokia released on Verizon a month ago. That device does include the same quad-core processor as the Lumia 1520, however it uses mostly metal casing and a 5-inch display.

Whether the Lumia 930 will be able to take on the new HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S5 remains to be seen, however it’s definitely time for a refresh. Nokia’s last high-end smartphone with a mid-size screen on AT&T, T-Mobile and internationally was the Lumia 925. It debuted a year ago this May.

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