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Nokia Rumored to Not Introduce Windows RT Tablet at MWC



Despite persistent rumors that Nokia may be developing its own Windows tablet of some kind, the latest speculation now is that such an announcement–at least with Windows RT–will not be happening at Mobile World Congress next week. Though the Finnish smartphone giant has a press event at the industry show, chatter now is that the press conference may be centered more around Nokia’s Lumia-branded Windows Phone efforts rather than a Windows RT slate ambition.

The report comes from channel supply checks conducted by Strategy Analystics‘ Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies (TTS) service. TTS effectively concluded based on channel checks that “Nokia will want to expand its Lumia smartphone range and solidify its growing leadership of the global WP8 market,” and that Nokia will be focusing on smartphones at MWC.

urlIn the past, Nokia has stated that it is examining the tablet market and there were rumors that Nokia may have delayed its tablet efforts in an effort to see what Microsoft is doing with the Surface RT and Surface Pro slates. Nokia’s tablet was said to be similar, except that the keyboard smart cover would also integrate a battery to provide long battery life when used like a laptop.

In terms of Windows Phone, there has been rumors circling about a Nokia EOS effort, which will deliver the 41-megapixel PureView sensor from the Symbian-powered Nokia 808 to a Lumia smartphone. The current PureView Lumia is focused not on a large sensor with high resolution, but the Nokia Lumia 920 flagship of today is more centered around low light photography and motion blur on videos.The EOS is said to also eschew the polycarbonate plastic shell of current Lumia smartphones in favor of a metal enclosure.

If Strategy Analytics is accurate, Nokia would be following Samsung’s lead in examining how Windows RT performs in the market. Samsung recently canceled the launch of its ATIV Tab with Windows RT in the U.S., citing lack of demand. Samsung has gone on to launch the ATIV Smart PC with Intel Atom CPU and the ATIV Smart PC Pro with an Intel Core i5 processor.

It’s unclear if Nokia is more focused about Windows RT or the full Windows 8 OS. Nokia has stated in the past that it is open to using Google’s Android OS on tablets, but ultimately whatever decision it reaches must deliver value to customers who are looking at ecosystems. Given those comments, it appears that Nokia may be favoring Windows to complement its Windows Phone 8 lineup.

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