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Nokia Sleeping Screen Brings Animation to Lock Screens



One of the features–other than the amazing camera–that I love about my Nokia N8 is the ability to quickly glance at the time and date even when the phone is in idle without having to turn on the display thanks to the beautiful analog or digital clock on the Symbian^3 standby screen. It’s like carrying around a pocket watch. Now, Nokia’s Beta Labs have come out with a better standby screen that brings animations and some glitz while still using minimal power from the phone to display useful information, including time, notifications, and animated charging status while the phone is locked and in standby.

The beta app adds a little bit more eye candy to Nokia’s Symbian^3 lineup, which includes the Nokia C7, Nokia C6, Nokia E7–the business slider, and the Nokia N8 flagship with the 12-megapixel Carl Zeiss shooter.

If you’re a Symbian^3 smartphone owner and want to get this beta app for your phone, head over to Nokia Beta Labs to learn more and download the app.

Though not unique to Nokia smartphones, there have been other phones in the past with an always-on standby screen that provides users with useful information without having to turn on their displays. Palm, in the Treo days, had a Windows Mobile-powered Treo that always featured an always-on lock screen that provides users with access to the time and date.


Via: All About Symbian

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