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Nokia Study Says: 53% Have Been Interrupted by Work in Bathroom



I was going to take a clever picture to illustrate this post, but then I thought I’d spare you. According to a Nokia study over 53% of Americans have been interrupted by a phone call or an email while doing some personal business in the restroom. That’s not all. 23% say they have been interrupted while being on a date, and 24% while… well, you know where a hot date can lead.  

Of course this whole thing is about balancing work and personal time in your life, and I think I would fall into the 75% of the respondents who say that mobile technology helps them achieve a good balance.  

Look, I‘m a self-professed Stall Surfer, (I’m on step 42 of the 94 step plan) but even I know that if you don’t want to get interrupted the easy thing to do is to turn the darned devices off. Apparently 59% of the survey respondents don’t do that. So, in my opinion, they’ve got no one but themselves to blame.  

Nokia has published a list of tips to help keep your work and life in balance and is promoting the idea of balancing things out in some of its stores this week. Reading over the PDF, I think you could just call it common sense.  

Via Cloud Computing Journal

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