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Nokia SU-27W Digital Pen to Ship



Nokia SU-27W Digital Pen It has a product name that just rolls off the tongue, so this is obviously a winner. Nokia is finally releasing the digital pen they’ve been talking about for ages. The auto-translated press release indicates that it should go on sale in Japan on Dec 20th for 26000 Yen (about $230), which seems excessively high for a 1.3MB device with Bluetooth that requires special paper. Yes, this appears to be an Anoto device, so be prepared to buy special notebooks to be able to use it. It’s biggest claim to fame is that it connects to Nokia phones. Might be nice if you have a Nokia phone, which I don’t.

For my money, I’d prefer to get an EPOS digital pen and USB flash drive. At least I can use whatever paper I want, so it’s a one time expense. Particularly when that one time expense is less than half the cost of the Nokia.

via MobileWhack, Gizmodo

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