Nokia Takes on iPhone 5 with the PureView Abilities of the Lumia 925
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Nokia Takes on iPhone 5 with the PureView Abilities of the Lumia 925



A new advertisement and video spot on Nokia’s YouTube page goes after the camera abilities of Apple’s iPhone 5 with, surprisingly, the PureView enabled Nokia Lumia 925.

The new advertisement, entitled Better Photos Every Day, calls the iPhone 5 out by name and likeness saying that “everyday more photos are taken on the iPhone than any other phone.” The advertisement then goes on to declare that Nokia’s approach to camera optics makes the Lumia 925 a better imaging device than the iPhone 5 since Nokia prefers to build for “quality not just quantity.”

Lumia 925 Commercial

The rest of 1:20 minute video compares the different camera modes and optic abilities of the iPhone 5 and the Lumia 925. The commercial shows off the Lumia 925’s Action shoot abilities, low light compensation and motion blur technology. These features are showcased next to photos taken with an iPhone 5 that look notably less remarkable in comparison.

The commercial ends with the narrator declaring that “better photos are taken with Nokia Lumia than any other mobile”.

What’s interesting here isn’t necessarily that Nokia is attempting to sell users on its smartphones by arguing that the are better at taking photos in different situations, after all Nokia has marketed it’s PureView imaging technology as better than what’s available on the iPhone for some time.

What is interesting is that Nokia has apparently decided that the Lumia 925 is the device that best makes that argument. Although the Lumia 925 includes optical image stabilization and advanced camera editing software, these options pale in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 1020, which features a whopping 41-megapixel camera. That camera is capable of over sampling and creating entirely new pictures by zooming in on one area of pictures that have already been taken.

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It could be that Nokia sees the aluminum body of the Lumia 925 as more of a direct competitor to the iPhone 5 which is also made of natural metals. It’s also possible the Lumia 1020’s steep price and bulk mean that Nokia sees it as much more of a niche device for enthusiasts.

Either way, most of Nokia’s entire line of Windows Phones sporting PureView technology could likely benefit from the focus on optics. Despite its aggressiveness in calling out the iPhone 5, Nokia has made no sign that it plans to run the commercial on television.

The Nokia Lumia 925 is exclusively available on T-Mobile in the United States for now down payment at $22 in monthly payments on top of the user’s bill.

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