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Nokia to Cancel All Future Symbian Phone Development Except for One



After being optimistic and announcing that it would continue to sell at least 150 million more Symbian phones after having announced the switch to Windows Phone nearly a year ago, Nokia may have been overly optimistic and weak sales numbers for the Symbian ecosystem may lead the world’s largest phone-maker to abandon the sinking Symbian ship prematurely. It is now reported that Nokia may be canceling all future Symbian hardware development except one key device–the venerable successor to the Nokia N8, heralded as the camera phone king.

So why is the Nokia N8 an important device on the market, especially when Apple’s iPhone 4S is producing excellent image results and Android camera phones are catching up in terms of quality? For one, it has an excellent 12-megapixel image sensor, an unrivaled Xenon flash that’s not only brighter than typical LED flash on the market today but also offers better color reproduction, and excellent Carl Zeiss optics. Even Nokia has not been able to replicate the camera experience of the Nokia N8 on recent Windows Phone offerings, like the high-end Lumia 800 and Lumia 900. The Nokia N8’s camera quality is one reason that the phone still goes every where with me despite newer models on the market from Nokia and its rivals.

Chatter of new hardware cancellation except the sole N8 successor model is going on despite new chatter of forthcoming Symbian OS updates called Nokia Carla and Nokia Donna are emerging. Carla and Donna are expected to arrive as software updates after Nokia Belle hits the market.

Via: The Register



  1. Chris

    05/01/2012 at 11:56 am

    Useless decision by Nokia!!! Nokia should understand that people still love E-series devices. If they are so much blown away by Windows Phone OS, they should provide this OS for their E-series devices as the hardware quality of these phones is still unmatched. Otherwise, what’s the use of supplying another 150 million units of devices which have no purpose other than befooling people. If Nokia declares support for Symbian till 2016, i suppose they might have to end it’s support by 2014 as there would be minimal sales of these devices, coupled with lack of developer’s support. Same is the situation with blackberry but did they decide to dump it’s native OS!!!. Definitely not because they know their strength lies in what a blackberry is cherished for. But Nokia has somehow lost the track of it’s uniqueness, fighting for market share from Android and iOS with a platform which is nowhere near to it’s competitors. If i decide to spend $600, i would never spend it on a Windows Phone device. Like a rational person, i would go for some nice dual core android device, but i would certainly miss Nokia’s premium hardware quality.

  2. Danson njogu

    05/06/2013 at 10:51 am

    I have used nokia E55,E63,E6,I feel they are the best depending on the fact that they are user friendly and have the best battery life perfomance.I have also used Lumia 610 but i did not like the so-called windows phone.PLEASE I REALLY LIKE SYMBIAN.

  3. Vaibhav Rhakare

    09/25/2013 at 10:43 am

    Symbian was “d best” mobile os

  4. abhishek

    07/10/2014 at 8:07 am

    Only symbian is da os in this universe

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