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Nokia to Offer HERE Drive+ To All Windows Phone 8 Users



Nokia will make its HERE Drive+ navigation application available to all Windows Phone 8 users, though it won’t be doing so for free.

Announced this week via a press release, Nokia’s HERE Drive+ will bring the same real-time navigation tools that users of its high-end Lumia Windows Phones enjoy to everyone. It’ll also be accompanied by an update to the company’s HERE Transit application. That update will deliver what Nokia is calling a “streamlined experience” using Windows Phone’s unique panoramas as a blueprint.

While HERE Transit is free to all Windows Phone users in the United States, Canada, Mexico, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Spain, users in other countries will have to buy the upgraded application in the Windows Phone Store for about $2.50, or 1.99 euros, if they don’t have a Nokia Lumia Device.

Nokia Drive+ Beta

Nokia Drive+ on the Lumia 920

The new HERE Drive+ upgrade will cost non Lumia Windows Phone users 15.49 euros or around $19 in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Spain. Users outside of those territories can upgrade to Drive+ for 43.99 euros or $44.99. Owners of the Lumia 720, Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 will have to pay the $15.49 price as well.

In addition to launching HERE Drive+ in more countries, the updated application will also learn the everyday commute of users and reroute them around traffic snarls and construction zones. Drive+ users will also get access to maps around the world instead of just the regional maps that are available to users with the standard HERE Drive application.

In the past year Nokia has been keen to keep the HERE family of applications on the minds of consumers. That’s key, as Nokia’s included applications are important to why Windows Phone users would pick a Nokia Lumia device over other Windows Phones, or possibly an iPhone.

This past year Nokia released HERE Maps for iPhone and iPad users. It, along with HERE Transit and HERE Drive, comes preinstalled on all Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.

Nokia does not offer HERE Transit or HERE Drive+ on the iPhone or iPad. Nokia expects to begin rolling out the updated applications sometime this week.

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