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Nokia Toasts Windows Phone Tango OS With a Little Champagne



A new Windows Phone 7 device from Nokia was spotted in a leaked sats gathered from the “I’m a WP7!” app called the Nokia Champagne. Little is known about this device from Nokia except that it is running Windows Phone 7.10.8711, which is believed to be the OS number for Windows Phone Tango.

Tango was rumored in the past to be bringing Windows Phone 7 to the entry level market, though it’s still not clear what sets Tango apart from Windows Phone Mango, the current Windows Phone 7 OS release that’s available today.

Recently, Microsoft had begun to cut out some of its hardware requirements on Windows Phone 7. The move is widely believed to prepare the OS to arrive in handsets with cheaper price points, which could begin to pave the way for Tango.

Hitting more entry-level smartphone users would help Microsoft and Nokia expand to markets where Android is having much success with. Apple is also beginning to target the entry-level phone market. For the first time, with the introduction of the iPhone 4S, Apple is retaining the iPhone 4 with a $99 price tag and the iPhone 3GS as a free on-contract model on AT&T.

Tango isn’t believed to be a major OS upgrade on the Windows Phone platform, but is believed to be a tangental release aimed at bringing Windows Phone 7 to more affordable entry-level price points. The next major revision of Windows Phone 7, also more commonly referred to as Windows Phone 8, is believed to be the code named Apollo release.

Via: WP Central

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