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Nokia Wants to be “More Human” in Fight Against iPhone



A Nokia document obtained by Phone Arena shows what looks like an unannounced Nokia Lumia along with a message to revitalize the Nokia brand.

Nokia wants its technology to seem “more human,” adapting to the way users want to use their devices instead of making the user change their behavior to fit a phone. The company sees three mergers taking place in the technology industry: physical and digital, virtual and real and humans and devices. Nokia will keep those three mergers in mind as it designs hardware and software, seemingly paying more attention to the third.

Examples of how Nokia makes its technology “more human” are Nokia City Lens and wireless charging.

Nokia branding

The City Lens app users augmented reality to show locations near the user using the phone’s camera feed. It means users don’t have to figure out what direction to go in by comparing a 2D map to their current location, making it much easier to get to places.

Wireless charging makes it easier to charge devices without thinking much about it. Users don’t have to worry about plugging their phone it, they just put it down on a charger. It’s not perfect, as users still need a wire fo the charging pad, but it’s still easier.

“More human” likely won’t replace “Connecting people” as Nokia’s slogan, but it will likely guide Nokia as it creates new devices. The mantra may lead the company to produce devices that are more user-friendly than competing devices at every level of the market.

The document shows two Nokia phones: a yellow Lumia 920 and an unnamed blue Lumia phone with a curved top. The phone doesn’t look like the Lumia 928 that accidentally showed up earlier today, nor does it look like any of the company’s recent mid-range Lumias like the Lumia 521.

Perhaps it’s just an example of a design that will never see the light of day, though there’s a chance it’s a glimpse at a future device.

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