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NoMute Brings Back iPad Orientation Toggle Switch for Jailbreakers



Hmmm? Decisions, decisions. I don’t jail break my devices but this might get me to try that out. I ranted a bit the other day about the boneheaded move Apple pulled by turning the side mounted toggle switch that allows you to lock your screen orientation into a mute button. That tweak has totally mucked with my feelings about the user experience on the iPad.

Well, when there’s a beef, there’s usually a hack to follow. And in this case it is for those who jail break their iPads. The App is called NoMute and is by developer Nicolas Haunold. It does just what you think it does. It remaps the orientation lock function back to the button. I’ll have to think about this, but it is looking very attractive to me. You can find NoMute in the BigBoss Repository on Cydia.

Via mobiputing

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