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Non-Geek Thougts on Google Chrome OS



There’s been a pretty wide range of reactions to Google Chrome OS in the tech community. But what matters more than anything is what consumers think about it. I sent a link to the Google Chrome OS video to some family and friends that are not geeks and asked them what they thought about it and if they had any questions.

Here’s some excerpts of the responses I got:

“Facebook? Craigslist? CNN.COM?”

“I don’t spend 90 percent of my time watching movies online on the browser- maybe you do since you run websites. I tried Google Docs and its not like Office at all. No thank you!”

“Can my daughter Install iTunes on it and synch it to her iPod? If iTunes works then maybe. Can you explain what this does that our Apple or one of those cheap laptops at Costco can’t do? “

“Stateless-HAHA! you mean like Tom Hanks in The Terminal?!?!?”

“How do I check my work email from this computer? I need Internet Explorer to read my email or else it’s a f***ing mess. Will Google make exceptions to their ban on programs if enough people want something like Outlook or Internet Explorer?”

“XP and Vista are really, really, really annoying. And as you know our family is a little challenged in the moolah department lately. Would love a set of laptops that would just get the kids on the Internet so they don’t have to use mine. How much money are these going for? Are they gonna be cheaper than NetBooks?”

“Seems complicated.”

How do the above statements and questions compare with what you’re hearing (if anything) about Google Chrome OS?



  1. SAM

    11/20/2009 at 3:08 pm

    What is Google Chrome?

  2. Clayton

    11/20/2009 at 6:52 pm

    As cool as the idea of Google Chrome OS is, I think I’ll always be stuck in the mindset of, “Let me put things in rooted standalone programs and keep all my files locally. Let me keep my open-ended windows operating systems that take quite a bit of tweaking and organizing.” Yea, there’s hardware failure, so cloud computing is probably a better way to store data. And yea, permanent always-on reliable cheap internet connections may come soon. But I like the way we have it now. Not web-based. Call me crazy, haha.

    I’m also still a big fan of Windows.

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