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Nook Color Gaining Hulu Plus and a $50 Price Drop to Fight Kindle Fire



The Nook Color isn’t going to the clearance bookshelf to make way for the Nook Tablet. Rather, Barnes and Noble is giving it a price drop and new features so that it can go head to head with the Kindle Fire.

Right after we saw leaked specs and details for the Nook Tablet, Android Central shares a document showing off new Nook Color features and a $50 price drop.

This tablet/ebook market is clearly heating up thanks to competition from the Kindle Fire. Based on anecdotal experience and the high number of Amazon Kindle Fire preorders, consumers are excited, and willing to pay, for an eBook reader that brings along apps and entertainment options.

The Nook Color update will be available to existing Nook Color owners via a downloadable update. No timing has been given, but we would expect to see it around the Nook Tablet’s rumored November 16th release date.

Nook Color gets Hulu

The Nook Color Gains Hulu Plus and Other Apps.

The $50 price drop will put the Nook Color right in line with the Kindle Fire in price, in time for the holidays. Even better, the Nook Color is getting new features, with the Nook Color v1.4 update. These updates will help the Nook Color will bring movies and TV shows to the Nook Color, as well as new music options and more apps.

Hulu Plus

Perhaps the most exciting addition is Hulu Plus. While many Android smartphones are still struggling to find support for this feature, the Nook Color should have it soon. For $7.95 a month, you will have access to hundreds of TV shows, including the Daily Show, Modern Family, Glee, Prime Suspect and many, many more. You also get access to movies ranging from Pulp Fiction to Captain Ron. In short, this update is bringing a ton of ne content to your Nook Color, turning it from an eBook reader into an all around entertainment device, and an affordable tablet.


Also included in this update will be access to music subscription services like Rhapsody, MOG and GrooveShark — which join Pandora. These services will allow you to access nearly limitless catalogs of music at affordable prices on your Nook Color.


The Kindle Fire may beat the Nook Color in app selection, but Barnes and Noble is adding to the app catalog with Scrabble and un-named additions. We’ll need to wait and see what ll is included, but it is clear that B&N want to offer a broad selection to consumers.

Kindle Fire vs. Nook Color


The Kindle Fire offers a big draw because of the Amazon App Store and the Prime Instant Streaming videos. With the addition of Hulu Plus and services like Rhapsody, the Nook color will offer a similar range of entertainment options.

Access to Prime runs $79 for the year, while a year long subscription to Hulu Plus will come in at $96. Amazon Prime includes free 2-day shipping, but you can’t watch your instant streaming videos on as many devices. One Hulu Plus subscription can be watched on your iPhone, your PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iPad and some Android devices — offering up freedom for the price difference.

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  1. Paulrowan

    11/04/2011 at 11:59 pm

    Bout time! Really like my NC but app selection is pathetic. It took competition to force B&N to better their product. “…thousands of apps…”- we’ll see. Wish they would do something about their lame keyboard though.

  2. Michael McCormick

    11/22/2011 at 6:00 am

    The NC is a way better product than the Fire IMHO.  Having to work with the cloud and not having upgradable memory is a HUGE drawback…

  3. Kyrie_London

    01/15/2012 at 7:01 am

     Great new app called ” In The Mix.” for the Noook Color

  4. Kyrie_London

    01/15/2012 at 7:02 am

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