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Noon Notebook News March 16th: Internet Explorer 9 Review, IE 9 Deals, New Notebooks and Mac News



We have a good roundup of notebook news and guides form this afternoon and the details on how using Internet Explorer 9 could score you a free month of Hulu or an Xbox 360 with Kinect.

This week we have seen several new notebooks finally go up for sale including the Dell Latitude E Family of business notebooks. Yesterday Dell announced that the Latitude E6520, E6420, E5520 and E5420 are now available for purchase and we have the details and notebook overviews you want and need.

Also available are new consumer budget notebooks from HP. The HP Pavilion G Series was announced in February and is now available for purchase at These notebooks start at $449 and come in 14″ 15.6″ and 17.3″ sizes. They replace the G42, G62 and G72 notebooks that were the highlight of last Black Friday. All of these notebooks come with at least a dual core processor and up to a last generation Intel Core i3 processor.

Internet Explorer 9 launched and our own Expert Andre dissects the new browser to let you know what rocks and what doesn’t in short, Microsoft is back in the browser game, but still has some things to handle before it takes back number 1.

Speaking of Internet Explorer 9, if you install it and pin some websites to your Windows 7 Taskbar you can get access to special deals from Groupon, eBay, Slacker, Hulu and Gilt. Hulu will offer a free month of Hulu plus starting March 28th and Gilt is giving away your choice of an Xbox 360 model or a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device with purchases over $250. Head over to for all the details and how to pin an Internet Explorer 9 webpage to your Taskbar.

We also look at the rise of Good Enough notebooks, notebooks with just enough power to handle the needs of the average consumer. Thanks to AMD more of these powerful enough notebooks are on the way to shelves.

On the Mac side of things, We have a Daisy Disk Review, Daisy Disk is a Mac App that helps you visualize your hard drive usage to find and recover extra hard drive space. We also show you how to restore your iPad 2 from backup to cut down on your getting started time with your new iPad or iPad 2. Finally, we show you how to sync Gmail contacts to your Mac OS X Address Book, a task that looks simple, but has a few extra steps.



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