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Noon Notebook News March 2nd: iPad Videos, Fusion Notebook Hands On and iPad 2 Rumors



This morning is a sparse one for notebook news, with the iPad 2 set to launch in just an hour, but we do have a large collection of hands on videos to share with your including an AMD Fusion powered notebook hands on and several iPad videos including one that sends our iPad underwater!

First up is our look at the Gateway NV51B05u, a 15.6″ AMD Fusion E-350 powered notebook which is surprisingly sturdy and nice for the sub $500 price. The NV51B05u has 3GB RAM and an AMD HD 6130 GPU as well as a webcam. The notebook so far has performed up to snuff, check out our hands on video to see what we like.

Next up are a collection of iPad videos showing some of the cool things we do with our iPad, including a trip underwater.

We test out the Dry Case waterproof iPad case which can be vacuum sealed to protect your iPad in the park, at the pool or even in the lake! The case has a built in headphone jack that lets you use the audio while the iPad stays safe. The touchscreen can be used while it is in the case, but not so much underwater.

We also look at how I use the iPad to teach, with a short video and a listing of apps and tips to make integrating the iPad into the classroom.

If you want to go paperless, you should also look at our post on how to sign a PDF on your iPad. We use a cheap app to go paperless, which is useful because we no longer have a printer at home.

Finally, we round up a few last minute iPad 2 rumors to get you through to the Apple event.

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