Note To Self: Don’t Forget to Charge Up Over Night

Yesterday was a long day of rehearsals and driving between two theatres. When we finished the day at Totem Pole Playhouse I needed a beer in the worst way and got that wish.

During that evening’s rehearsal I had used the Tablet PC (HP 2730p) extensively and between being very tired and having one beer too many to wind down, I neglected to charge up before collapsing.

Realizing this when I woke up this morning, I figured no problem, I’ll plug in when I get back to Wayside Theatre and my office after driving there.

What do they say about best laid plans? I pulled into Wayside, went into the theatre to check in with the scenic crew and within a few seconds the power in our area went out. It is still out and hopefully it will be back soon. I’m using the WordPress blogging tool on the iPhone to blog this entry.

Moral of the story? Plug into charge up before having that first beer with actors after a late night rehearsal.