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Notetaking Is All The Rage



There is a lot of focus these days on notetaking applications, especially with the popularity of OneNote, EverNote, and more.

Investors Business Daily has a good wrap-up article on the various notetaking applications on the market today. It is interesting that they have taken notice of what many of us in the Tablet PC community call OneNote: Microsoft’s best kept secret.

OneNote: Some call this 4-year-old application, updated last year to the 2007 edition, one of Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) MSFT best-kept secrets. Though bundled with some versions of the software giant’s Office suite, the note-taking software has gotten little attention outside a dedicated core of fans and Tablet PC owners.

That could be because Microsoft doesn’t, hmm, let’s see – MARKET IT?

Interestingly enough, they leave EverNote off the list, but they do include a lot of the more popular webbased notetaking applications. Definitely a good read for those wanting to learn more about notetaking.

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