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More Notifications and Gestures Coming in Galaxy Gear Update



Samsung seems to have taken the complaints of early Galaxy Gear buyers to heart. After being panned by most critics for its unfinished software and lack of any real use outside of a core set of functionality, Samsung will begin rolling out a new update that adds support for third-party app notifications and more this week, according to reports.

News of the update comes by the way of Engadget. According to the outlet, this new update will allow every Android application that supports notifications to surface them on a user’s Samsung Galaxy Gear. This means that applications like Google Hangouts and Twitter won’t have to be recoded with support for Samsung’s smartwatch specifically. Today, the Galaxy Gear only shows notifications from a handful of applications that were all created by Samsung itself.


The Samsung Galaxy Gear.

The outlet also says that users should expect this software update for the Galaxy Gear to include tweaks to the device’s clock gesture. Following the update, users will be able to tell what time it is without having to fumble around with the gesture as they do today. While that gesture exists in the Samsung Galaxy Gear already, it’s rather unreliable.

Finally, Engadget indicates that the update will offer improvements for the Samsung Galaxy Gear’s Smart Relay functionality, however the outlet doesn’t go into much detail about how the new functionality will improve user’s experience. Instead it only says that users should expect to “perform actions seamlessly on the gear to their phone.” Allegedly, users should expect the update sometime this week.

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Hopefully, these updates will make the Samsung Galaxy Gear a bit more useful. GottaBeMobile found the device’s software and hardware no more useful than cheaper smartwatches saying, “The Gear feels like a smartwatch with a lot of potential and the same amount of unreleased promise right now at its price point.”

Users can order the Samsung Galaxy Gear for $299 at Best Buy and AT&T without a two-year service agreement. However, they’ll need a compatible Samsung smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, to make the device function.

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