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How to Watch the 2013 NFL Draft on iPhone or iPad



The NFL begins their 2013 NFL Draft on Thursday night with the first round. It continues Friday with rounds two and three and the last four rounds will air on Saturday. We’ll show users how to experience the 2013 NFL Draft using their iPhone or iPad. Many of the apps or sites will also work on an iPod Touch as well over Wi-Fi.

The NFL mobile draft website will help users keep track of the draft without installing any apps. The site shows mock drafts from some of the NFL network or website analysts. It also offers a player tracker to keep track of favorite college athletes in the daft. A link to war rooms for the 32 teams will show news pertinent to a favorite team. Just select the team in the drop down menu.

NFL Mobile Site

Some may want more than just the news that a team picked a player. Verizon customers, who subscribe to the NFL Premium service as part of their plan, can enjoy the free NFL Mobile app. While all iPhone users can install the app, only Verizon NFL Premium customers can get the live video coverage of the draft as it’s happening. Others can enjoy news, video clips after the fact, and draft tickers listing the picks already made and the teams about to pick in the current round.

nfl mobile verizon

The top college players entering the draft will get special treatment with analysis and video clips of their playing time in college. Facebook users can “smack talk” with their friends, as the app calls it, during the draft.

nfl '13 app

The NFL also offers the NFL ’13 app, which gives ardent fans the ability to follow draft predictions and news leading up to Thursday’s kickoff, all seven rounds of picks during the selections and then analysis afterwards. The universal app installs on all iOS devices.

watch espn ipad app

For customers of AT&T Uverse, Charter, Comcast XFINITY, Time Warner, Verizon FIOS TV and a few other cable companies, the Watch ESPN app will let them stream the sports network’s live draft coverage as it happens. ESPN and NFL Network do the best jobs of covering the draft live for hardcore NFL fans. If a user doesn’t subscribe to Verizon, maybe they can enjoy the free Watch ESPN app with live streaming of the network for customers of these cable companies.

As a consolation, for those who don’t subscribe to one of the above services or Verizon, the free ESPN Radio app can stream audio over ESPN Radio coverage. There’s a chance that ESPN Radio may not allow the draft coverage to stream through the app, so plan a backup if that happens. ESPN Radio hasn’t announced either way, but the app description in iTunes warns of possible blackouts or alternative programming during live sporting events.

Watch Verizon’s NFL Mobile app commercial below:

iPhone users can also download the top sports network or website apps which will certainly include draft coverage. Here’s a list of our favorites with links to the free iTunes App Store page.

SLINGBOX 500 - Head on

As we always recommend during live television events, check out the SlingBox. It’s an expensive option at $179.99 to $299.99, but the device lets users watch their home TV source while away from home. The iPhone app and iPad app each cost $14.99 on top of the price of the hardware. Instead of offering one universal app users must pay for each version. The app works with the latest Sling Boxes including the Slingbox 500, Slingbox 350, Slingbox Pro-HD and Slingbox SOLO.

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