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Nurses see improvements using Mobile technology



Motion Computing has announced some preliminary results of a HIMMS Analytics study that they commissioned on nursing workflow, usage, and preferences. HIMMSS Analytics expects to release a summary of the findings in the next several months, but Motion has preliminary results in their press release.

From Motion Computing:

A recent qualitative study of nursing workflow, usage and preferences via a series of in-depth interviews with nurses conducted by HIMSS Analytics and commissioned by Motion Computing found that nurses perceived benefits from point-of-care technology, such as enhanced overall workflow, improving patient care and increasing time spent at a patient’s bedside. The study included detailed focus group interviews with nurses across the United States representing a variety of disciplines, organizations, geographies, and computer experience levels.

““One of the greater challenges with integrating point-of-care technology into a healthcare facility can often reside with the end users feeling comfortable with the tools,” said Dave Garets, president and CEO of HIMSS Analytics. ““Our findings from this study clearly show that nurses benefit significantly when point of care technologies work seamlessly with their practice patterns and environment, provide immediate access to information and create a better experience for the patients.”

Nurses and clinicians who participated and were currently using technology at the point-of-care said their perception of improved patient care comes from access to and legibility of information, translating to improved response time for patient intervention, and overall reduction in time to process orders.
According to the findings, the nurses felt that increased time spent at the bedside was due to mobile technology at the point-of-care reducing the need to retrieve patient charts from medical records prior to care, and spending less time going to and from a stationary computer in the nursing station.

Click here to read more of the press release and their findings

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