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Nvidia Icera Modem Approved For AT&T 4G LTE



Nvidia-powered tablets and clamshell devices are now approved to run on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

Nvidia announced today that it’s Icera 410 LTE modem chipset is now validated on AT&T’s network. That means manufacturers can use the modem in their devices, letting those devices connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network (as well as the carrier’s 2G, 3G, and “4G” HSPA+ networks). There are no devices that use the chipset on AT&T at the moment, but the validation means we should see them soon.

The Icera 410 LTE offers 4G LTE at category 2 data rates, which means it supports up to 50Mbps data. That’s almost twice the data speeds we’ve seen on AT&T’s 4G LTE network, but it’s nice to know the capability is there. 

With AT&T’s validation tablet and clamshell device manufacturers can choose Nvidia’s Icera 410 LTE modem and know the devices will receive final qualification from AT&T quickly. That means we might see more Tegra 3 tablets with 4G LTE on AT&T in the near future. Nvidia’s Icera modems should work well with Nvidia’s Tegra CPUs.

According to Stan Boland, senior vice president of Mobile Communications at NVIDIA, “validation with AT&T is an achievement that paves the way for NVIDIA Icera-powered LTE devices on the AT&T network through this year and next.”

Unfortunately, this validation doesn’t extend to smartphones yet. Nvidia is still working on putting 4G LTE capability into the Tegra 3 CPU. Nvidia has said it expects to have 4G LTE compatibility in the Tegra 3 ready sometime next year, but we don’t know exactly when.

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