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NVIDIA: Quad-Core Tablets by Christmas, Smartphone Next Year



Though NVIDIA had boldly promised in the past that we’ll begin to see tablets with quad-core processors–the Kal-el variety that’s been demoed before–this fall, the company says that there has been delays and devices won’t hit shelves until around Christmas. CEO Jen-Hsun Huang cites that manufacturers of the Android tablets are taking as much time as needed to make refinements to their product’s industrial design, getting them “as wonderful as possible, and some of it is related to tuning and performance.”

As tablet makers struggle to compete against the market-leading iPad, it’s unclear if the delay is due to making adjustments to design and performance, or if it’s due to an overstock of inventory of current generation devices with dual-core technology.

While tablets are expected by this holiday season, smartphones are a different story. Android-based smartphones may not be sporting quad-core until next year, though NVIDIA has yet to speak about the updated schedule for smartphone releases.

In the ARM-based chipset market, both Texas Instruments and Qualcomm are both making gains on NVIDIA’s early leads with their own plans. TI is planning a hybrid quad-core architecture while Qualcomm is saying that its dual-core chips should outperform quad-core chips from rivals. Additionally, a quad-core Snapdragon is also to be expected in 2012.

Via: PC World


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