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NVIDIA Shows Project Shield Playing Borderlands 2



NVIDIA’s Project Shield doesn’t have a release date yet, but starting this week the company will tease gamers on its blog by showing how well the mobile gaming device can play PC games.

The first video in NVIDIA’s PC Monday series of videos shows the Project Shield console streaming a game of Borderlands 2 from a local gaming PC. The video shows the game running on both the Shield’s 5-inch screen and the PC’s screen at the same time, showcasing the mirroring feature of the Shield.

In the video Borderlands 2 is running on a Falcon Northwest gaming PC with an NVIDIA GeForce 680 graphics card. Because of the high-end GPU, NVIDIA set the game’s graphics settings to max in the video, with every optional graphics feature, such as NVIDIA PhysX, turned on.

Borderlands 2 runs incredibly smoothly on the PC, and it runs just as well on the 5-inch display of the Project Shield console. Everything shown on the PC’s monitor shows up on the Shield with the same level of detail.

NVIDIA Project Shield 1

NVIDIA Project Shield

Even more impressive is that the game has very little lag. There’s no perceptible lag between the action on the Shield display and the PC display. That should mean that competitive gamers won’t have to worry about other gamers having an upper hand on them. Most competitive PC gamers would prefer a keyboard and mouse to a controller, however.

At CES NVIDIA showed off the Project Shield’s PC game streaming capabilities using Need For Speed: Most Wanted. That game also ran very smoothly on the Shield. There was no easy way to compare the game on the Shield to the game on the PC at the moment, however.

NVIDIA plans to release the Shield game console in Q2 2013. In addition to streaming PC games it will also play any Android game, and games in the TegraZone with controller support will really shine on the Tegra 4 powered device.

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