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NVIDIA’s MWC Invite Hints at Tegra 3 Phones



NVIDIA has just sent out media invitations to the company’s press event centered at Mobile World Congress later this month in Barcelona, Spain, which promises some quad-core firsts. As the company had worked with partner Asus recently to launch the world’s first quad-core ARM-based tablet in the form of the Transformer Prime, that leaves room for smartphones. In the past, NVIDIA had promised that quad-core phones will begin arriving in 2012, and so it is likely that the ARM-based chip-maker will use MWC to launch quad-core phones.

Several phone-makers are expected to launch quad-core phones at Mobile World Congress, including HTC. In fact, the press invitation has a graphics that shows a user holding a phone that appears at a glance to resemble the HTC Droid Incredible 2 on Verizon Wireless. HTC is rumored to be launching the HTC Edge/Endeavor Android phone with quad-core processing at MWC, migrating away from the exclusive use of Qualcomm chipset on the company’s smartphones.

Samsung, which was originally expected to either launch a powerful dual-core Galaxy S III or a quad-core phone, is now pulling the announcement of its third-generation flagship smartphone from the industry event.

2012 will see the emergence of quad-core smartphones and tablets, especially on Android and Windows 8, but there will still be a number of dual-core models in play. Most recent speculations surrounding Apple’s A6 processor that may be headed to the iPad 3 suggests that Apple may be releasing a more powerful dual-core chipset with much improved graphics rather than going to a quad-core model. For quad-core to really take off, applications developers and software must first be able to leverage the added processing power for users to really see the gains of upgrading to a more feature-rich processor. Additionally, with technologies like 4G LTE already vying with processing power for battery life, manufacturers will have to make compromises to deliver the best user experience.

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  1. john swain

    02/09/2012 at 1:25 pm

    “If you build it , they will come.” Build a quad core phone , the software apps will follow. App writers are not wasting time writing based on spec, they write based on fact. Quad core opens the door for desktop applications to be carried in our pockets. 

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