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NY Times suggesting Tablet PC’s for back to school



New York TimesThe NY Times has a rundown of ‘tech’ suggestions for all ages going back to school. 

Starting with Elementary/Middle School, thru High School and on to College there are quite a few suggestions.  Starting with the Migo from Verizon to keep track of those little ones.  The Hewlett-Packard 39gs graphing calculator for the High school students.  And the the Gateway CX210X convertible notebook for all the College bound students.

Among the popular options this year are laptops that flip around to turn into tablet PC’s, like the Gateway CX210X convertible notebook ($1,299). The stylus that comes with the laptop can be used like a pen. For those unfamiliar with tablet PC’s it can take a little time to become comfortable with the smooth display, however, and the screen is sometimes difficult to see under certain lighting conditions. But the laptop could prove to be a big timesaver for students putting together study guides. For example, students could download a professor’s lecture notes to the laptop, write their own notes in the margins using the tablet PC, then print out a set to study.

Were there posts like this a couple of years ago when going back to school?  Seems like more and more people are discovering the benefits of the Tablet platform.

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