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Nyko DataBank is Coming To Save Your PS4 Game Collection



Sony already allows users to save a USB port by changing out their internal hard drive, but Nyko, makers of dozens of video game console accessories, is taking it a bit further. Its DataBank accessory for the PS4 will allow users to save big money on video game storage in the long term.

Nyko showed off the DataBank for PS4 during the Consumer Electronics Show this past week, and just about everyone should be excited. The DataBank is a $39.99 accessory that fits over – and replaces the door that covers the removable 2.5-inch hard drive for the PS4. The DataBank allows PS4 owners to add 3.5-inch hard drives to their PS4 for more storage.

nyko databank

That’s a long way of saying that the Nyko DataBank saves real gamers, real money. The reason why comes down to the laws of supply and demand. Larger 3.5-inch hard drives – those that are designed specifically for a Desktop computer – have more storage available for at a lower cost per GB. For example, 3.5-inch a Western Digital 2TB hard drive costs $78.99 on Amazon. An HGST Travelstar 2.5-inch 1TB hard drive is $64 on Amazon. Having more space to store games is absolutely a good thing. Most games on the PS4 take up around 30GB of storage. When you run out of storage you’re forced to delete games and then re-download them. Unfortunately, Nyko didn’t have one connected to a PS4 to show off. As such, it’s unclear how storing games on the hard drive inside the DataBank effects performance. It’s possible that

To use the Nyko Databank users will need to remove the hard drive door that comes standard on the PS4. Instead of pulling down power from the PS4 itself, the Nyko DataBank has a wall socket that plugs into the wall separately. PS4 owners will be able to buy the Nyko DataBank from places like GameStop sometime in the first half of this year. Buyers will need a separate hard drive to put inside the Nyko DataBank.

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