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OCZ Announces Core Series V2 SSD – Increases Both Speed And Capacity



The world of SSDs is changing almost as fast as the world of netbooks. OCZ, the makers of the exciting Core Series released just a little over a month ago, has just announced the specs for its latest SSDs carrying a Core Series V2 moniker.

According to OCZ CEO Ryan Peterson:

“As SSD technology progresses, OCZ will continue to release updated and enhanced solutions to ensure our customers stay on the leading edge. The new Core V2 drives offer consumers and system integrators increased capacities up to 250GB, improved read and write performance and faster seek time, all coupled with a new mini USB port empowering customers with the ability to further improve performance and compatibility by updating firmware in the future.”

Here are some key numbers for the new V2:

  • Capacities will be 30, 60, 120, and 250GB.
  • Read speed of 170MB/sec; Write speed of 98MB/sec. (Up from 143MB/sec and 93MB/sec max on original Core Series.)
  • Mini-USB Port for upgrading firmware of the SSD.
  • Pricing has not been released.


Via Engadget



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