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OEMs, PR firms, and the flattening of the press world



-Rob Bushway

Scoble has a fantastic post on the ““flattening of the press world”. His post is a must read by PR firms representing OEMs and ISVs.

He picks up greatly on what I posted earlier about my problems with OEMs and their PR firms. I’ve been experiencing this problem from day one with OEMs. If you represent PC Magazine, you are in, otherwise give up. The good news is that the PR firms are starting to recognize this and we will begin to see changes — its’ just going to be a slow process.

Are we seeing the death of the exclusive? I hope so. That’s what I’m fighting for. The ““Z list” should have access to info as soon as the ““A list” does.

I just want NDA rules that apply the same to everyone. What do you think?

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