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Off For a Drive



The wife and I are off for an early morning drive to the Apple Store. Yep, we’re 3G iPhone hunting. We’re heading out planning to wait around for a bit until the closest store to us at the opens, based on info from Apple’s iPhone locator. Of course who knows if that info is accurate or not. (Green dots mean yes, red mean no.) From the looks of things our state (or at least the northern part of the state) is luckier than some. Rob and I were looking at this last night and Colorado is all in the Red Zone. I’m guessing RIM and others are kicking themselves that they don’t have new product and new campaigns to run with right now given the shortage of stock from Apple and the difficulties that have been well chronicled with the launch.

Well, we’re off. We’ve got about an hour and 15 minute drive to get where we are headed. My wife is entertaining getting one as well, but still uncertain. (What would I do with an iPhone?) So, who knows how we’ll fare. If nothing else we’ll have fun.


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