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Photo Suggests Apple is Announcing an Official iPhone 5S Case



Apple may be preparing to announce a leather iPhone 5S case, the first official iPhone case since the company delivered the bumper in 2010.

When the iPhone 5 release arrived in 2012 Apple Stores did not carry any iPhone cases for several weeks and Apple did not announce an official iPhone case, instead focusing on the aluminum design to tempt consumers to use the iPhone without a case.

Apple now sells many iPhone 5 cases, but no official case, and according to a new leaked photo Apple could be preparing to announce an official leather iPhone 5S case that will fit the iPhone as well.

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Alleged iPhone 5S case from Apple.

Alleged iPhone 5S case from Apple. posts two photos of alleged packaging for an official iPhone 5S case. The packaging does not include an actual leather iPhone 5S case, but it does offer a short description of the alleged iPhone 5S case.

“This case is made from natural aniline leather. It’s appearance will change as you use it.”

The alleged official iPhone 5S case packaging features the description in multiple languages, and claims the case is compatible with the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. The description includes an iPhone 5s while Apple typically users a uppercase S in product names.

Apple uses aniline leather on the iPad smart cover, which would make it a natural choice for a high-end iPhone 5S case. Apple describes the leather iPad smart cover material as, “aniline-dyed Italian leather.”

As there are no photos of the alleged official iPhone 5S case, we can’t tell for sure what kind of case or cover Apple could be working on.

The iPhone 5’s aluminum back survives drops better than glass, but it is easy to scratch. We are hopeful that Apple could deal with the iPhone 5 scratch problem with the new iPhone, but all leaks point to a similar design which means the black iPhone 5S will likely show scratches very easily.

The iPhone 5 scratches easily, and the iPhone 5S may as well.

The iPhone 5 scratches easily, and the iPhone 5S may as well.

Perhaps Apple plans to offer an official iPhone 5S case to get a bigger cut of iPhone accessory sales and to offer an official solution to iPhone 5S scratches.

At this point, the photos are not sufficient to show Apple is definitively announcing an iPhone 5S case, but there are enough reasons for Apple to do so.

We will know soon enough as Apple’s iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C and iOS 7 event starts at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern. You can read what to expect and what not to expect and check out our latest on if Apple will offer a live stream of the iPhone 5S announcement.

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Sources tell Gotta Be Mobile the iPhone 5S release date is set for September 20th, which means the iOS 7 release should arrive a few days earlier likely on September 18th.

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