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Oh how the Tablet faithful have fallen ….!



Loren, oh Loren (Heiny). It is a sad day when the Tablet faithful fall away. Especially when it is one of the members of the First Family of Tablet! Loren Heiny is in serious danger of being lured to the Dark Side (Macintosh of course). All the news blurb about Apple’s “Bootcamp” enticed him to load up the Tablet PC OS and a Wacom tablet to give it a try.

I’m sad to report it, but you have to look here to see what he has done. Here is a bit of hios rambling and jumbled thoughts:

“Yep, this post is being written on an iMac. I successfully installed the Tablet PC OS this morning using Apple’s Boot Camp and the Tablet PC OS from my MSDN subscription. I’m using a Wacom Graphire3 Tablet for the digitizer. For the most part the Tablet OS is running as expected, although as you can tell from the drawing above that I created on the iMac, I am running into some issues. For instance, the ink is not being smoothed out as it is being drawn. Normally ink on a Tablet PC is much smoother than this. I think this is a driver issue. Similarly, the Tablet Input Panel (TIP) does not appear when hovering over editable fields. I can bring up the TIP using the TIP button in the task bar, however, and the handwriting recognition appears to be working just fine. I’m guessing I don’t have everything installed correctly and that’s why the TIP isn’t appearing on hover.”

It starts with a small step like this Loren. Before you know it you are on with credit card in hand. The only hope here is that he was convicted enough to IM me and admit, “I just had to try this”. Don’t worry folks, I’ll keep tabs on him, make sure he does not stray too far.

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