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Oh, Those Processes



Every Tablet PC owner who looks under the hood at the number of processes running on startup has the same reaction. Yikes! What’s all this stuff running on my Tablet PC? Some of it, unfortunately is CRAPWARE, but some of those processes are OEM specific and run a number of the utilities and applets that make a Tablet PC a Tablet PC. I’ve blogged about this before on Wicked Stage in a post called, My Tablet PC Is Running How Many Processes?, and in that blog post I referenced a great post from Jonathan Hardwick on the same topic. I also included a few of my recommendations on processes and applets that you can safely delete based on my experiences with my M200. Well, Jonathan has recently picked up a Toshiba M400 Tablet PC and he’s a bit, well, let’s just say shocked at the number of processes he discovered on his new Tablet PC. Check out his new post here.

I’m sure as newer Tablet PCs continue to come on the market, along with the ones that have recently been released, we’ll see more of these questions, and hopefully more answers. Just remember before you go deleting process happy that you need to be careful.


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