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OK, Apple Time for New iMacs Like Now



iMacs aren’t mobile news. But an iMac plays into my mobile lifestyle. How? Well when I’m at my desk at the office I use an iMac for my heavy lifting on a daily basis. It’s there for me when I need to log in remotely. It’s there when I need to work locally. It’s where I keep an extensive photo and music archive. It also allows me to not use a laptop or my Tablet except in situations where I need or want to do that.

So, what’s the problem? Well we’re reaching the end of our season here at Wayside Theatre. Some employees are leaving and we’re prepping for new ones to come in. One of the employees who is leaving has been handling all of our playbill creation and most of our graphic work. While we have a PC dedicated for that, this employee preferred to use her own MacBook Pro. Well, we now have an extensive library and archive of data that has been created and we’d like to keep that on the OSX platform.

I planned to donate my iMac to the theatre for this purpose and sense our new employee began training this week I went ahead and turned the iMac over for her to begin training. The problem with my plan is that Apple hasn’t yet made anything public about new iMacs becoming available. I had planned on picking a new one up before making the switch, but the timing is not in my favor.

Why not just pick up a new iMac now? Well, there’s this thing called Thunderbolt. Granted you can’t use it for much at the moment and granted we don’t know for sure that it will appear on the next version of the iMac. But all signs do indicate that it probably will and since when I make a desktop purchase I plan on having that device in use for at least three years I see no reason not to wait and see.

But I have to tell you this hole on my office desk sure feels funky, and as you can see it has already filled up with papers.


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