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Oklahoma Lottery goes Tablet PC



From software to hardware to accessories, mobile sales people are always looking for an edge in productivity. On a recent visit to a doctors office, there were about 12 drug reps camped out in the waiting room. I’d estimate about 75% of them had tablet pcs – mostly X41s and M200s.

On the software side of things, a mobile sales person can only be as productive as the software he is using. Along those lines, the Oklahoma Lottery decided to implement Cole Systems Sales Force Automation software, which has many feautres tailored to the tablet pc user. In addition to Oklahoma, the lotteries in  New York, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Ohio, and Virginia use Cole Systems for their mobile sales force.

From Cole System press release:

Cole Systems announced today the Oklahoma State Lottery will arm its field sales reps with Tablet PCs utilizing Cole Systems’ OrderPad Enterprise™ mobile sales force automation software.  The seventh state lottery to embrace OrderPad, OK Lottery sales representatives will now have instant access to up-to-date sales information allowing for more informed decision making while making in-person sales calls.  With its mobile representatives visiting more than 2000 retailers across the state, OrderPad meets the lottery’s essential need to efficiently coordinate efforts between reps and managers.  Licensed for 40 users, the OK Lottery projects $413 million in sales for the current fiscal year.

 The first software of its kind optimized for Tablet PCs, OrderPad’s unique features and benefits – including easy-to-use digital ink and ink-to-text recognition – create a more natural interface akin to using pen and paper but without losing the benefits of a laptop computer.  With OrderPad, sales representatives can track up-to-date customer sales data, manage routes, track expenses and communicate with headquarters all through a single device in front of the customer.  OrderPad also creates an easy transition for reps already used to working with a laptop.


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