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Olloclip Review: iPhone 5 Lens & Quick-Flip Case Are Awesome



There are plenty of iPhone 5 photo accessories, but the OlloClip and the OlloClip Quick-Flip Case and Pro-Photo Adapter are hands down the best value in iPhone photography accessories.

The OlloClip is a three-in-one lens that clips onto the iPhone 5 to deliver a wide-angle lens, a macro lens and a fish eye lens. Until now, using it meant removing a case or going with out a case, but the new OlloClip Quick-Flip case includes a small section that flips away from the camera to make room for the lens and acts as a shutter button.

The Pro-Photo adapter slides on to the bottom of the case to let users attach the iPhone 5 to a tripod and includes a spot or an external flash or light. OlloClip offers the lens, case and photo adapter in a bundle for $99. The company also offers the case as a standalone item for $49.

The OlloClip, Quick-Flip iPhone 5 case and 3-in-1 lens.

The OlloClip, Quick-Flip iPhone 5 case and 3-in-1 lens.

After using the OlloClip with the OlloClip Quick-Flip Case and Pro-Photo adapter for several weeks it’s become and indispensable part of my workflow at Gotta Be Mobile and an awesome iPhone photo accessory for use while on walks and in nature.

I’ll get to the case and OlloClip review quickly, but here’s an example of what the iPhone 5 and the OlloClip can do, and that’s just in my backyard. This thing really shines at picturesque destinations.

The Olloclip Quick-Flip case is available for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S and iPhone 4. I am using the case for the iPhone 5, which serves as my primary case, even when I am not using the Olloclip. The case is thin, but includes protection on each of the corners and a small lip to keep the display off a table.

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The top corner of the case slides around to hit the volume up button and act as a shutter. This is handy with and without the Olloclip and is especially useful if you hand the phone to someone else to take a photo.

Use the flipped portion as a shutter.

Use the flipped part as a shutter.

The Pro-Photo adapter came in handy when I shot 16 how to videos for our Samsung Galaxy S4 Hidden Features Guide. I used the OlloClip Case, Pro-Photo Adapter and on some videos the wide-angle lens to quickly shoot the photos and upload them to YouTube with YouTube Capture. This setup easily cut the time of producing and uploading these videos in half.

I used the Pro-Photo adapter to attach the iPhone 5 to the tripod. The adapter is sturdy when connected, but it is easy to remove the Quick-Flip case from the adapter to enter text and use the iPhone. When I am out and about i leave the Pro-Photo adapter at home unless I am taking a monopod.

The Pro-Photo adapter connects to a tripod and holds a flash. The Quick-Flip case quickly slides in and out.

The Pro-Photo adapter connects to a tripod and holds a flash. The Quick-Flip case quickly slides in and out.

The OlloClip offers three lens options for the iPhone 5 and fits in a pocket easily. Unlike the bulky DLSR-adapters, this is something you can and will use regularly.

The three photos below show the same scene with the wide-angle lens, fish-eye and no lens option. Notice how much more of the scene the wide-angle lens delivers. The iPhone fish-eye lens offers cool effects in many settings.

In addition to delivering a wider shot when taking photos, the wide-angle lens is great for videos. Normally pressing video on the iPhone will cut the recording area down, but with the OlloClip wide-angle lens, it’s almost back to what you see in a photo. Check out the sample video below to see what I mean.

With three lens options in a small package, iPhone owners can do way more with their photos. The OlloClip Quick-Flip iPhone 5 case and Pro-Photo adapter are the perfect accessory for the OlloClip, providing protection and added functionality.

At $99, the OlloClip 3-in-1 lens, Quick-Flip iPhone case and Pro-Photo adapter aren’t cheap, but it is the most useful iPhone photo accessory I’ve found and well worth the price.


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