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Olloclip Studio Review: Expensive but Useful for Photographers



For as long as Olloclip has made photography lenses for iPhone, we’ve recommended them. We’ve often included them in our lists of the best photography accessories for iPhone. The new Olloclip Studio takes an awesome iPhone Olloclip photo lens attachment and makes it even more useful.

Serious iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus photographers will find the Olloclip Studio ($89.99) case and attachments useful. It comes with a black case that protects the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus well. As a case, it keeps the phone safe while still making the buttons and ports easy to use. Those who dock their iPhone will have to take the case off unless the dock’s iPhone Lightning connector sits up high enough to fit into the opening that surrounds the port. It is thicker than some cases, so people who prefer a thin low-profile case will not like the Olloclip Studio case. However, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners who like a little more protection, without going as far as a rugged case like Otterbox cases, will like the case. It’s easy to put on and take off for those who only want to use it when they plan to take shots with their Olloclip lenses.

olloclip studio on tripod with hotshoe

The back of the case includes a channel that lets the user connect attachments. The channel is slightly wider at the end closest to the lens (see the image below). The user presses the attachment’s hook into the wider part of the channel and then it slides over to hook onto the back of the case.

The Olloclip Studio finger attachment makes it easier to grip the iPhone while taking shots or video.

The Olloclip Studio finger attachment makes it easier to grip the iPhone while taking shots or video.

Olloclip Studio Attachments

The Olloclip Studio system comes with the following attachments (see the gallery of shots below):

  • Finger Grip – this attachment puts a loop on the back of the case where the user can put their fingers to easily hold the phone as they shoot pictures and videos.
  • 2 Tripod Mounts – one lets the user connect their iPhone to a tripod in landscape mode and the other in portrait mode. They have standard-sized fretted holes where the user can screw in their 1/4″-20 tripod’s mount.
  • 2 Cold-shoe Adapters – a cold-shoe adapter lets users connect accessories like a flash or mic held by the adapter. The connection is passive so it won’t power any of the devices attached to the cold-shoe adapter.
  • Kickstand – use the kickstand to hold the phone at a proper angle for watching videos, reading and even playing games with something like a SteelSeries gaming controller.

Olloclip Studio started as a Kickstarter Project, but recently the case and attachment collection became available for pre-order ($89.99) to the public. Olloclip says they will ship in the next month in the black case. Other colors may come later.

The Olloclip system of photography attachments isn’t for everyone. It doesn’t come with a good carrying solution. Users will want to find a small bag or a large key ring to hold the attachments.

The Olloclip Studio alone costs $90. Add the Olloclip lenses for $70-$120 more and you’re paying as much or more than a mid-level dedicated point-and-shoot camera that works as well as, if not better than, your iPhone’s camera.

Olloclip Studio portrait orientation attachment connects iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to a tripod.

Olloclip Studio portrait orientation attachment connects iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to a tripod.

A point-and-shoot camera doesn’t offer the same convenience that your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus offers, since you’re always carrying your iPhone. The camera on an iPhone takes beautiful photos and videos. The Olloclip Studios case protects the phone and the Olloclip lenses fit on a lanyard, which makes it easy to carry them around. You’ll have the lenses ready when you want to take a lot of photos. I carry the lenses and a drawstring bag with the Olloclip Studio attachments in my car so it’s always nearby.

Olloclips Studio finger attachment is big enough for people with large hands like me.

Olloclip Studio’s finger attachment is big enough for people with large hands like me.

The Olloclip Studio offers the best solution for securely and conveniently attaching your iPhone to a tripod while also attaching cold-shoe accessories like a flash or external mic. I’ve got a panel LED light with a cold-shoe mount and it works well with the Olloclip Studio.

LED panel light

The external wireless lapel mic that I use for recording video on my DSLR also fits the cold-shoe attachment and plugs into the iPhone’s combo mic/headphone port to create better quality audio for videos.

Olloclip’s attachment that props the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus up at about a 45-degree angle makes it easier to view videos on the iPhone. However, the user can’t adjust the angle and I find that other stands work better.


Combine the Olloclip tripod mounts with something like the great Joby Micro Hybrid tripod. You can see the tripod in the image above.

Olloclip Studio Value and Recommendation

The case and attachments that come with the Olloclip Studio work great with the Olloclip lens attachments. I love the finger grip attachment. It makes taking stable video and sharp photos easier. I don’t use the cold-shoe mounts as much and don’t really like the kickstand attachment. I prefer my Joby Griptight Stand and Micro Hybrid Tripod.

The cost of the Olloclip Studio seems a little high for what the buyer gets. It wouldn’t feel as expensive as an up-sell when bought with the Olloclip Lenses. I wish Olloclip sold their $70-$120 lenses and then let the buyer throw in the case for $20 extra. Then,  add only the attachments you’d use for a few dollars more per attachment. This would save us money and make the Olloclip Studio with the Olloclip lenses a better deal. People who got the Olloclip Studio off Kickstarter for $60 got a much better deal.

I still recommend the Olloclip Studio for serious iPhone photographers, despite the high price. It’s one of the best ways to quickly and easily attach your Olloclip lenses and add a tripod mount, cold-shoe mount or the excellent finger grip.

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1 Comment

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