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OLPCs to Get Pedal Power in Afghanistan



The One Laptop Per Child project is demonstrating the Pedal Power Machine. The desk with pedals is designed to run students’ computers when electricity isn’t available. The desk has a pair of pedals that can be used to charge an OLPC. If I had to pedal everytime I used one of my notebooks I’d probably be in good enough shape to compete in the Tour de France.

According to OLPC Afghanistan, the contraption is easy enough for a third grader to operate. The organization hopes that the Pedal Power Machine will aid in the deployment of OLPCs beyond the existing power grid in Afghanistan and elsewhere. A video demo is available here.


via Lilitputing

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. SAM

    10/13/2009 at 12:20 am

    Goood thing this genrator isn’t in the USA.

    OSHA would have a field day.

    -No chain guard
    -Steel pedals lacking non-skid safety pads
    -No apparent grounding
    -No static discharge plates
    -No heart monitor
    -No safety glass warning label

    The operators will most certainly be under age children

    {Just kidding}

    When is Walmart going to get these in stock?

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