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On The Road 2008: Uh, Oh, I’m Getting Worried



Ontheroad 003_SmallI’m actually only slightly worried. Ever since my wife, Thomasin, got to try out Rob’s Asus Eee PC, I haven’t been able to pry it out of her hands. In fact, I had to purchase it from Rob and give it to her as a Christmas present. She has become quite attached to it.

We’re on the road and freshly checked into a hotel somewhere in Ohio, on the way to Chicago, and we hadn’t been in the room more than 10 minutes before she whipped it out and began checking her email. The funny part is she kept insisting that we find a place with free WiFi so I could check my email. Yeah, right.

Not only that, but on the trip today she loved using the iPod Touch. I had stored up some podcasts containing interviews with presidential candidates for the drive and once she got started she was off and running. I may not see that device again either.

I’m beginning to think I’ve created another full fledged geek in the house.

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