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On The Technological Curl: A User Reports On His Life With The X41 Thinkpad Tablet PC



Tablet PC and mobile tech evangelists often bemoan the less than complete perspective these platforms receive in the main stream tech press. Every now and then though, you come across someone who not only “gets it”, but obviously knows what he’s talking about. Like this article from ForbesOnTech.

Every once in a great while, I get to live and experience life on the curl of a breaking trend. Such has been my experience with tablet computing. I was once asked by an editor “how many revolutions do you want to live through? In my time I’ve seen and been a part of the first personal computers, a variety of PCs built around graphical user interfaces,  truly portable computers, ubiquitous wireless connectivity, web-based applications, and more recently very usable tablet PCs. For the last six months, I’ve used a tablet PC, a nifty little Lenovo ThinkPad X41, as my primary computer, putting it through damn near every “don’t try this at home kiddies,” test I could come up. I’ve tried to come up with scenarios where the tablet metaphor would fail to meet my expectations and am somewhat disappointed that I failed that exercise.”


The author, Jim Forbes, is pretty savy when it comes to mobile tech. He was an editor of Demo and DemoWeek newsletters, and an Senior Editor with InfoWorld, PCWeek and other publications. He lists a number of ways he has pushed his Tablet PC to the limits, including outdoor use, WiFi connectivity, and even how he copes with his disability. Next time you get in a debate with someone on Tablet PCs, send them a link to this article.

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