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One Adventurous Way To Keep Your Tablet PC Cool



M4smallWith all the recent news about exploding lithium-ion batteries and the heat they generate, I think some are probably being a little more cautious these days. I’ve seen quite a few folks blogging about changing their habits and not leaving computers on overnight as an example. Tablet PCs are certainly not immune to heat issues. Another related perennial issue with some Tablet PCs has to do with fans that run more than users would like.

Well GBM’s own enterprising Matt Faulkner decided that he wanted to take matters into his own hands in an attempt to keep his fan from running so much on his Tecra M4. Take a look at the job Matt did on his Tecra M4, but I warn you, the pictures at this link are not for the squeamish. I also don’t recommend you try this unless you are stout of heart, (and of course your Tablet PC warranty has expired). Matt is one brave Tableteer.

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