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One big Vista RC1 disappointment



There is one big disappointment  with Vista that is creating a problem in my quest to go completely production with Vista RC1. With Vista, ActiveSync no longer exists. It has become the Windows Mobile Device Center where you set up sync partnerships with mobile devices, computers and network folders. If you download ActiveSync 4.2 and try to install it, you will get a message that ActiveSync will not work on Vista and has been replaced by the Windows Mobile Device Center.

I can sync media files and pictures with my Treo 700W, however, support for syncing to Outlook has not been implemented yet in the Windows Mobile Device Center. I hope I am missing something here, but I don’t think I am. This is very surprising, considering that Vista is now at RC1.  This wouldn’t be an issue if I used Exchange, but I don’t, and there are plenty of  folks out there that don’t either.

I’m less concerned about my issues regarding syncing. I’ll likely just install my MSDN version of Exchange on an available server at the office. However, I’m more interested to know why syncing to Outlook has not been implenmented at this late stage in the game. Shouldn’t this be something that needs some heavy user focus on testing and bug fixing. I’m going to check out the newsgroups and see what I can find in this regard, but I’m very, very surprised to not see this already implemented.

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