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One of those "Oh No!!!" moments



Tuesday’s are very busy in the Bushway household. My daughter, Maggie, has several therapies during the day that keep my wife, Kathi, hoping. My son, Dax, has Boy Scouts at night. Needless to say, we are all grabbing food at five o’clock as we are rushing in or rushing out.

This Tuesday was no exception. It was six o’clock and we were late to Scouts. In a rush to head out the door, I threw my X60 Tablet PC in my Ogio Metroid backpack, pulled the backpack over one shoulder, and turned to head out the kitchen when I heard the sound all mobile folks hate to hear: a loud bang on the hardwood kitchen floor. You guessed it.  I forgot to zip up my backpack, and with that sudden turn toward the door, my tablet pc fell about 4 feet and kissed the floor with a good ole smacker.

I stood there and just looked at what I thought was a catastrophe – 3 days before leaving for CES and now this. “Please, please, please – start up, please…..”, I mumbled to the computer as I pressed the power button. My kids and wife were all standing around me, eyeballs going back and forth,  scared to say anything. They knew….

That Vista logo sure takes a long time to come up when you are waiting for it, but man, was it a sight for sore eyes that night! First the Vista logo, then the logon screen! I logged on, started a few apps – no problem with the harddrive. If I knew how to dance, I would have broken out into my Elf dance. I then examined the tablet itself – not a scratch, dent, or crack to be found. It was as though the tablet never fell. Amazing.

I had always heard that Thinkpad’s could take a beating, but until that night, I had never had the opportunity to verify it. Although I don’t recommend dropping your Thinkpad 4 feet on to a hardwood floor to test it out yourselves, I can testify that these X60 Tablet PCs are built to withstand some serious shock.


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