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OneNote 2007 And Audio and Video Search



Over at the OneNote Extensibility & More blog, descapa is talking about the ability to search for words in audio and video that you capture in OneNote 2007. I haven’t tried this at all yet, but I’m going to give it a go here sometime soon.

With the Audio Search feature enabled, you can search your audio and video recordings for words, just like you would search for typed text in your notes. For example:

  • Record phone conversations with customers, and later search for keyword of topics that you discussed
  • Record an interview and then search for specific quotes
  • Record voice reminders on a Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC. After you synchronize them with OneNote, you can search through your reminders.

descapa caveats that you will need a good quality microphone for the best results as the audio recognition quality is very sensitive to recording quality.

I’m anxious to see this technology continue to improve.

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