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OneNote 2007 MindManager add-in updated



 I’ve been testing Gyronix’s Gyroq MindManager add-in and was running in to some conflicts with it and the new OneNote 2007 MindManager add-in. After working with Nick Duffill, of Gyronix, we determined that the problem resided with the OneNote 2007 add-in, and Nick went off to work with MindManager to address the issue.

I just heard from Nick today that MindJet has fixed the problem. If you use the OneNote 2007 add-in, it is important that you update to the new version because it fixes a problem with MindManager not shutting down correctly when started from OneNote’s Sent To MindManager option.

By the way, if you use MindJet’s MindManager, I’d encourage you to take a look at Gyronix’s GyroQ add-in. It is a great way to capture quick thoughts throughout the day without opening MindManager and fumbling with the UI. It is also a quick and easy way to gather brainstorming thoughts that you need to organize later. Look for an InkShow on GyroQ next month from Dennis Rice.

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