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OneNote Functionality in Word 2008 for Mac



image Hector Gomez, a GBM reader, has come up with cool way to use Word 2008 for Mac like OneNote.

  1. Open a new Word document and go to view and choose Notebook Layout and you get a notebook style on the view; you could also choose if you want the rings to show or not by clicking on appearance on the Icon above the notebook.
  2. The layout gives you a view of a college-ruled page, complete with colored page tabs, that also you can rename etc… You can enter text notes, images, digital handwriting from stylus, and audio from your Mac’s microphone.
  3. As you enter notes, you can also rearrange them by clicking and dragging to place at different areas of your notebook, or move them between tabbed sheets. When you reach the bottom  of a notebook page, Word instantly lengthens the page for you.
  4. When you click on the Audio icon on the toolbar to record a voice note, you then simply hit record to start recording.
  5. One thing though is that the audio note doesn’t show unless you move your mouse on the left side of the notebook and you’ll see a speaker icon pop out. This tells you that there is a voice note there and you choose to play the audio.
  6. If you look very carefully you’ll notice that there will be a break in the line of the notebook which is where the audio note is at. You could also add a quick text label to identify your recording on the page, and you could also move it around the page. So far I don’t see a highlighter to mark notes or text but I’m looking to see if there is one.

Great work, Hector!

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