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OneNote Team Does Some Singing to Celebrate Les Miz Style



Microsoft and the OneNote and Office Teams may be breaking down some traditional barricades with the latest releases of OneNote for the Mac and Office for the iPad. In fact the moves seem almost revolutionary for the Redmond company. The OneNote team decided to celebrate the release of OneNote for the Mac, and what better way to do so than in song. They’ve released a video that is sure to go viral (at least among geeks) with the team using the tune One Day More from the popular Broadway musical, Les Misérables to create quite a parody called OneNote Mac.


While it is pretty obvious that there is some lip syncing going on here (the woods around the Microsoft campus can’t have that much acoustic resonance), apparently the team did all of the singing. The lyrics were written by OneNote program manager Nicole Steinbok with help from others. I think the team needs to release the OneNote shared notebook where this all got put together. That would be the topper.

As a director and writer of musical theatre I’ll say this. The video is definitely fun and the effort behind it is priceless. While some of the lyrics are clever hey need to work a bit on lyric scansion.

Thanks to John Guin and the OneNote Testing Blog for sharing this and thanks to the OneNote team in general for showing a little fun after all the hard work.



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  2. Mary Lee

    04/12/2014 at 6:34 am

    Thanks Warner! I would have missed this without you. The video is great fun.

    OneNote is my critical software and I can’t imagine running my life without it. I thank all of you from GBM who turned me on it in 2007 when I bought my inking convertible tablet (Lenovo X61T still in use — also because of your reviews.)

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