OnLive on GoogleTV Will Save Platform
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OnLive on GoogleTV Will Save the Platform



OnLive on your Google TV just might save the platform.

I bought a GoogleTV just before Christmas – the Logitech Revue. My Christmas present to myself came at a big discount even on the already discounted $99 reduced price that came after Logitech decided to pull out of the GoogleTV experiment. I got it for one reason: Apps! Google updated the Android for your television platform, letting you install apps on it. Sadly, the only really worthwhile app on the thing comes from Netflix. Since I already have a Roku box and an Apple TV, the Google TV has been a bust so far.

In walks OnLive to save the day. They’ve been busy at CES already announcing a way to use Microsoft Office and Windows 7 on your iPad through an app called OnLive Desktop.

The company made a set-top box that streams quality video games to your TV through the Internet. OnLive does all the video encoding on their end and streams it through the Internet much like Netflix does with movies. You don’t need a high-powered device like a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or a gaming computer. We reviewed the OnLive set-top box last year and loved the thing.

OnLive Viewer App

If you can play OnLive games on your TV via Google TV, suddenly the $99 Logitech Revue looks like an awesome device. It’s smaller than an Xbox, so you could conceivably take it with you. I don’t know if it will be compatible with OnLive’s Android game playing app that will show up in the market soon, according to Google. Right now you can only install the OnLive Viewer app, but when OnLive launched the gaming app for Android late last year, it was only a matter of time before the natural jump to Google TV happened. The Google TV version isn’t out yet, but will officially be coming according to the Google TV Blog. You will only need a $50 controller from OnLive to make the games work.

OnLive’s selection isn’t as good as the Xbox or PlayStation library, but as it grows in popularity you can bet that companies will start releasing their games faster. If what Eric Schmidt says is true and Google TV ends up on half of all new TVs and set-top boxes, then this could be a great partnership for both OnLive and Google TV.

Source: Google TV Blog



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